Hi! Welcome to my research website! I'm a researcher and statistician/data scientist with a background in social and personality psychology. My focus is on using quantitative methods to understand human behavior and guide decision making. I use a variety of statistical techniques to analyze data, including structural equation modeling, multilevel modeling, and factor analysis. 


For the past five years, I was an assistant professor of psychology at UMass Boston, running a research lab and teaching courses in statistics, R, social psychology, personality, and close relationships. There, I used many kinds of measures and techniques to assess research questions, including surveys, experiments, text analysis, psychophysiology (hormones, facial structure, cardiovascular function), behavioral coding, video games, and dyadic interactions, among others. My research focused on the influence of hormones, culture, and personality on close relationships and aggressive behavior. I also completed my PhD in Social Psychology at Wayne State University and postdoctoral training at CU Boulder.